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Spray Tan Training Certification & Solution Available to Purchase
1180 Willis Avenue Albertson, Long Island, NY 11507
When you arrive at Brazil Bronze Glow Bar of Long Island you will have a consultation with one of our Certified Airbrush Tanning Specialists. We will help you decide exactly what color you are hoping to achieve; from a healthy glow, to a light, medium, or a dark tan. Then, assessing your natural skin color, your Airbrush Specialist will discuss with you if your goal is realistic or she will make a recommendation. For example, if a pale, ivory skinned person wanted to be really, really dark it may not be recommended. However, we will do our utmost to match your skin tone with your tanning preferences, thereby creating the most natural looking tan for your specific skin tone.

Next, you will step into a private room and undress. You may wear disposable spa underwear, your own underwear or nothing at all. If you choose to wear your own undergarments or a swim suit, we recommend wearing something black to ensure it will not become discolored by the spray. Our solution washes out of most 100% cotton fabrics. With that being said, wear something you do not care much about, just in case. We can't guarantee it will wash out of all fabrics.

We will provide you with a light weight shower cap that will prevent the spray from getting on your hair. It will not affect your hair style.

When you are ready, you will step into the adjoining private spraying area and stand on a towel. Our Airbrush Tanning Specialist will talk you through the positions you will stand in enabling her to tan your whole body. We use our own specialized equipment and our Brazil Bronze Patented Tanning Formulas. It takes just a couple of minutes to be sprayed. You will just feel a cool misting sensation. There is no need to close your eyes and hold your breath, until the time comes to spray your face. When that time comes, our Airbrush Specialist will tell you when to close your eyes and hold your breath, it will only be for 5 - 10 seconds. We take pride in making you feel comfortable and that your airbrush tanning treatment is a pleasant experience.

The Brazil Bronze Airbrush Tanning Specialist will take the time to give extra attention to those difficult to tan areas and you will notice that she pays very close attention to details. For example, we take extra steps to ensure that your manicure and pedicure look as perfect as when you arrived.

After your tanning treatment, you will step back into the dressing room to dry in front of our fan. After just a few minutes, you will be ready to put on your clothes. For the best results we recommend wearing something loose, dark, and preferably no jeans. In rainy weather, bring boots and an umbrella! Depending on which tan you chose, just simply wait the appropriate amount of time to shower (The Express Tan wait 3 - 5 hours, for the Original, Mega-Hydrating, & Organic Tans wait 8 - 12 hours or overnight). After your first shower you will have a beautiful tan that will last anywhere between 5 - 10 days, most clients say their tan lasts about a week.