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Spray Tan Training Certification & Solution Available to Purchase
1180 Willis Avenue Albertson, Long Island, NY 11507
  • When showering use TEPID water and soapy hands.
    Avoid long hot baths/showers, & Jacuzzi soaks, as these may reduce the length of your tan.
  • It is normal to see tea like colored water in the shower.
    It is just the excess bronzer washing off. Underneath is your perfect tan!
  • When shaving, for the best results, use a fresh razor.
  • Avoid using exfoliating type scrub brushes & exfoliating products such as:
    Depilatories, waxing agents, Dove & Retin-A type products, body bleaches, & alcohol based products.
  • "Pat" yourself dry when you are finished showering (avoid rubbing).
  • AFTER your first shower: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!
    At least once a day is recommended. It is good for your skin & it will help extend the life of your airbrush tan!
  • Your perfect tan can be maintained by visiting Brazil Bronze every 7 - 10 days!