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Spray Tan Training Certification & Solution Available to Purchase
1180 Willis Avenue Albertson, Long Island, NY 11507
If it is not possible to do some of these tips before your appointment, no problem!
Simply call us; we have tricks of the trade to help you through the process!
  • If you desire a pedicure & manicure treatment, they should be done BEFORE your airbrush tan.
    A full mani/pedi soak may exfoliate your tan. A "polish change" is fine anytime before OR after your tan.
  • Try NOT to wax, moisturize or shave within 6 hours before your tanning treatment.
    All waxing oils should be washed off of your skin. Moisturizers/oils may act as a blockade to the tanning solution.
    Although not necessary, it is best to get your waxing done the day before your airbrush treatment.
  • Exfoliating is suggested, but not necessary.
    If you choose to exfoliate be sure to use a NON-oil based product. Try to do so the day before your appointment.
  • It is best not to wear deodorant or makeup at the time of your airbrush treatment.
    All may be removed at the salon, be sure to come a few minutes early to do so.
  • How long after the tanning treatment is it recommended to wait to shower?
    • Wait 8-12 hours or overnight, for the ORIGINAL, MEGA-HYDRATING & ORGANIC TANS.
    • Wait as little as 3 - 5 hours for the EXPRESS TAN!

  • Until Your First Shower:
    • Avoid water i.e. rain, sweat, exercising & doing dishes (use dish gloves if you must!).
      If you come in contact with water before your first shower, gently pat that area dry.
    • Wear DARK, LOOSE fitting cotton clothing & loose footwear.
      For example: black sweats & flip flops (prevents your feet from sweating) NO TIGHT JEANS.
    • For a strapless tan line, it is best that you do not wear your bra straps directly after your tan.
    • If you wear shorts, bring a dark towel to place on leather car seats.

  • For special events, we recommend that you get airbrushed 1, 2 or 3 days before the event.
    OR, try our EXPRESS TAN! If you are going for a simple night out on the town, get airbrushed at anytime!